Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Who We Are & What We’re About

 Welcome to Angel Fire Mountain Designs! This is our first official post. Here, we’ll explain who we are and what we do. Let’s get started!

Who We Are

Angel Fire Mountain Designs is a blog by Sher Vacik. I’m the writer and designer behind this blog. I've been writing another blog for several years, which is called Czech Off the Beaten Path. There, you can learn about my expat life in the Czech Republic. CZOBP is the first blog I started soon after moving to the Czech Republic. In fact, that blog is what got me started in creating designs.

Prayer Journal on Zazzle
Prayer Journal on Zazzle

Working with Images

On my Czech blog, I started out with some of my own photos, along with photos from public domain sites such as Pixabay. However, I grew tired of just using the image that was downloaded. I wanted to improve the images somehow and make them a little more interesting.

It was at this point that I started working with Gimp. It’s one of my all-time favorite programs! I still rely on this great tool today! From Gimp, I began to slowly experiment with other tools and found I really enjoyed working with images.

My First Zazzle Shop

As a result, I started my first Zazzle shop—Czech Off the Beaten Path (same name as the blog). While I won’t say this shop has been a huge success, it has been another iron in the fire, so to speak. People buying the products encouraged me to continue creating. 

Next, I started a second Zazzle shop—Sher’s Inspirations. Here, you can find a wide variety of products from greeting cards to t-shirts, home products, and more. This store has been a little more successful. However, I’ve not had too much time to work on it in the last couple of years. Even so, it still makes a few sales here and there.

A New Place to Write

After this, I began writing for another site—the BellaOnline Women’s site. My topic was asthma. In fact, part of my work there was to write a book and get it on Amazon! This was my first self-published book called "Asthma's Nothing to Wheeze At!". Today I would call the book something different. But it was my first and you learn as you go! 

The book has made a few sales; however, I’m currently in the process of updating the material and the cover. My book was originally published back in 2013, so it’s past time to get this book taken care of and updated with new material!

My Interest in KDP Low Content Books

In the past year or so, I learned about publishing low content books with Amazon’s KDP program. This was something entirely new for me. The idea appealed to me—if I could create low content books and put them on Amazon, could that become another iron in the fire?

I decided to take the chance and get started with publishing low content books. As a result, I created this site and a publisher of the same name.

Angel Fire Mountain Designs – Angel Fire Mountain Publishers

Angel Fire Mountain Designs & Angel Fire Mountain Publishers are geared toward Christian designs. This means everything will have a Christian theme. Even so, the products can be used by almost anyone. I’m starting out with prayer journals for Zazzle. I’m also working on some prayer journals for the KDP program.

In addition to Zazzle and KDP, I’m also creating printables for my Gumroad shop. We’ll see how this goes. Right now, I’m looking at these as experiments and places to learn. We’ll have to see how it goes!

No matter what, these experiments are always great learning experiences. Through experimenting, you gain new skills, knowledge, and more that can help you in other areas. I’m usually one that avoids too much risk. However, if you don’t try, you’ll never know what you could have accomplished or learned along the way.

Pretty in Pink Journal on Amazon

My KDP Adventure Has Just Started

That’s what this blog is about! I’ll share my KDP adventure and more. We’ll also cover some of the tools used, YouTubers to follow, etc.

We’ve reached the end of this post. I’d like to invite you back again to see what’s happening here! It may be slow, but I’ll post as often as possible.

Be sure to come by again and see what’s happening with our experiments! Thanks for stopping by!