About Me


Hi and Welcome to Angelfire Mountain Designs!

My name's Sher. I'm not sure where to start, but I've been working online since before it was a "thing." 

I've worked in many areas, but have in recent years worked as a freelance writer, editor and proofreader (specializing in scientific papers in the areas of Materials Science and Biochemistry), Internet researcher, photographer, and I create digital designs to sell on Zazzle. 

I'm always exploring new options online--it's something I truly enjoy! My most recent foray has been to explore creating no and low content (with medium and more in the future) books on KDP's publishing platform. 

I don't remember when this first grabbed my attention, but it was probably through a YouTube video I was watching during the first months of the pandemic in 2020. It looked so interesting and fun!

So, I've been exploring this area and have very recently uploaded my first book (2021). The next books will be more of a an experiment. I don't expect them to sell that well. 

The KDP process takes time to learn. The other key is to create quality products that people are looking for! I'm not going to be one that has thousands of books on KDP hoping to sell one. I want to take a more strategic route!

This site is just a place for my digital creations to call home! 
You can find me in the following places online:

Czech Off the Beaten Path

You can contact me at angelfiremountaindesigns  at g mail dot com or czech off the beaten path at g mail dot com.

Thanks for stopping by!